Sweet 16: Meet Fashion Photography’s Rising Star

At the age of 16, Grant James-Thomas sold his horse to buy a quality camera. Five years later, he has already shot for the biggest fashion houses, is part of the Vogue family and has traveled all over the world.

Iceland, India, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, Kenya… The list of countries where the young photographer went is quite long. His first shoot abroad was for ES Magazine in Vietnam when he was just 17 years old. This trip gave him the confidence to pursue his career. Bold and thirsty for travel, he puts all his personality to good use in his work.

He is now widely sought after for his unique way of capturing images that combine high fashion and nature. He has the talent to find the places that will offer each photo a fantastic atmosphere while putting the model in the center of attention.

To create a particular environment for each image, he thinks, imagines and even dreams about his images weeks before the shoot. For him, the landscape must meet at least two of these three qualifiers: epic, colorful and cinematographic.

However, he manages to capture equally captivating images in the studio, without a particular setting. His favorite challenge is the mastery of the decor after finding the most sumptuous landscape.