Laci Jordan’s Illustrations Are a Pop of Color

Laci Jordan considers herself a renaissance woman, delving in anything and everything art related, from graphic design and illustration to photography, web design, marketing and curation.

But she didn’t start as an artist. In fact, she was an F.B.I. agent before she started working for Walt Disney and then transitioned to art. Currently living in Los Angeles, she received two Bachelors from the University of Alabama – the first in Criminal Justice, the second in Design.

And since graduating she’s worked with various companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering, ABC, and most currently Creative Artists Agency.

“I tend to work in a few different spaces, from streetwear to activism, and there are different challenges in each space,” shared the artist and creative director in an interview with Create & Cultivate. “Common challenges are equality in both pay and opportunities. I also hear people say that they can’t find women artists or artists of color when recruiting; leading to another challenge in visibility — I’ve heard this a TON in the corporate space. Good thing it’s platforms like Women Who Draw and Women Illustrators of Color that give a directory of dope artists.”

“I love problem solving and figuring out that other route,” she added, “so when any bumps occur, I immediately try to figure out a plan B to get to back to plan A. Usually, the answer is right in front of me and I need to take a step back to realize it.”

Check out some of her colorful designs in the gallery below.