Learn The Secrets Of Saber Craft

    Photo by Tobias Cornille on Unsplash

    Have you ever wanted to be a Jedi, cutting through enemies with a brightly-colored blade composed of pure energy in the name of peace and justice in the galaxy?

    Then SaberCraft is here to bring your dreams to reality! Although you will not become a jedi per se, you will get the opportunity to learn the beautiful art of illusion of combat, or Saber Choreography. This system incorporates light sabers, yoga, movement and meditation into a craft that looks and feels amazing. While creating your unique choreography, you also work to improve your coordination and teamwork abilities with the results being stunning dancing routines spiced up with saber work.

    Located in Miami, this studio has been making Star Wars fans happy since December 2015. The main instructor and the head of the SaberCraft is Alfred Smith, who is a certified yoga instructor with a long history in the fields of yoga and communications. Having studied the principles of Hatha Yoga, he uses the practice and philosophy to stage saber combat, creating amazing original choreographies that wow audiences.

    Even though this is a group sport, you can choose who you want to be by yourself and show the world the hero that has always resided in you!