Nacho Diaz’s Before-And-After Illustrations Are So Relatable

Image via naolito/Instagram

Spanish artist Nacho Diaz founded his website, in 2009 just to share some funny and cute pop culture designs. He gained popularity with several mentions on blogs and earned more than 300k followers on Facebook.

Today, with more than 165k Instagram followers, he continues to create something that will surely make you smile. This time he took simple objects and created before-and-after illustrations that everyone can relate to.

“I like to give a twist to everyday things in my illustrations. It started as a ‘before and after coffee’ idea, just as most of my designs. While working on it I soon realized that there are a lot of fun before and after comparisons in our lives. As for the core of the idea, I enjoy looking for similarities between people and objects, animals and food. By using elements that we all know in situations we all live, I think I’m able to connect with people, and in the end, to make them smile,” Nacho Diaz told Bored Panda.

Check out his funny drawings below.