Thai Illustrator Depicts Her Relatable Everyday Life in Belgium

Image via bella.illustration/Instagram

Comics we can relate to are the best ones to read, right? Well, Bella Sriwantana knows how to entertain us. She describes herself as a Thai illustrator living in Belgium who draws comics and illustrations about her daily life. She also likes mentioning that cooking and spending time with her family and dog Sunny are the things she cannot live without.

The talented artist currently has more than 109,000 Instagram followers and receives thousands of reactions on each work. She said in an interview for Bored Panda that many things greatly influenced her work, Japanese manga especially.

“I believe that Japanese manga does have a lot of influences on my style, and I did read a lot of them when I was young,” she explained. “In order to make my comics fun and enjoyable for my audience, I studied facial expressions and enhanced them with my own art style to make them even more unique.”

Her artistic journey began in her childhood and until 2014. Throughout all that time, she only drew traditionally. Then, she transferred to digital art. Sriwantana needs around two hours to finish a two-panel comic and two-and-a-half for a four-panel comic.

She is very grateful for her audience and all the support she has been receiving on social media. Scroll down and check out her work below.