The Oman Botanic Garden Will Become The Largest Ecological Oasis

The Oman Botanic Garden, located in Muscat, will become the World’s largest ecological oasis. This ground-breaking project is a result of joined forces between Grimshaw Architects, Arup engineering and Haley Sharpe design. The location of the object is excellent, since it’s one of the few locations in the world from where you can observe the ancient sea bed. It is 35 kilometers from Muscat.

The Botanic Garden will not only be an eco-park with gorgeous internal design, but will also serve as a research facility with laboratories, a herbarium, a library and an auditorium. Also, there will be classrooms and study rooms for educational purposes. The building is very carefully designed so it can fulfill the unusual requirements for natural daylight optimization and passive and active shading. Also, the orientation of the sunlight, weather patterns and human behavior are all important factors since they all have an effect. The Garden will show Oman’s rich flora and hundreds of endemic and endangered species and should be a leader in conservation. There are lots of exhibitions and events planned for showing Oman’s natural habitats and making learning activities more alluring.

This exciting project brings design and science together and pushes the limits of imagination while showing how well nature can be incorporated in design.