These Sculptures Raise Questions About Our Ability to Co-Exist with Nature

Italian artist, Willy Verginer, creates dramatic wooden sculptures that raise questions about the ability of man to coexist with nature. Born in 1957,
Verginer grew up in the Dolomite mountains, surrounded by the majestic forests of northern Italy – Mother Nature’s beating heart, so to speak.

At the tender age of 14, he enrolled in the painting section of the Art Institute in the small town of Ortisei. And by 17, Verginer decided to learn the art of sculpturing.

With such vast experience in art, it’s little wonder that his pieces have been exhibited in noted museums and galleries around the globe. 

His sculptures, while mesmerizing, call for a somber reflection about the role of mankind in the destruction of the natural environment, and tackle political issues raised since the early days of the industrial revolution

Scroll on to see some of his creations.