Bizarre Black and White Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra is a visual artist and illustrator who graduated from the Art Academy in Zwolle and has been working in the illustration field since 2009. He has received significant recognition as a truly unique talent in the art community, known for producing curious works that intrigue the viewer. His modus operandi is creating imaginative realities by merging regular objects, people and animals. 

As a child, he always had all kinds of theories about how the world works and weird things became his passion. He prefers drawing these emerging fantasies with fineliner pens that allow for a very refined shading. All images are black and white and usually filled with only two characters. These detailed illustrations are both amusing and a little disturbing, giving us clues about the sense of humor, observation skills and imagination of the artist.  

From an owl with books for wings and giraffes with toothbrushes to a lizard with a computer keyboard, a handshake with fingers of animals and sneakers transformed into a sandwich, Hoekstra’s illustrations are delightfully bizarre combinations fused together in an ingenious way.  

Take a deep dive into Redmer Hoekstra’s worldview in the gallery below!