Check Out These 3D Illustrations Done By Murat Yildrim

“Art makes me feel universal. I feel special. It feeds my behavior perception and understanding of aesthetic. There is a difference between viewing and seeing. It makes me feel sensations deeper. You start to understand people and details more and more,” this is how art director, Murat Yildrim sees art.

The Turkish artist inherited his talent from his grandmother who used to do classical painting, however, he started doing 3D art thanks to the Barcelona-based Ezequiel Pini.

“What drove me to this field was the desire of the new in my heart. Also, I was never satisfied enough with my work. That made me try the new and the better always,” Yildrim told in an interview for Ballpit. “I have started everything with classical painting. After, moreover, the perception of art became digitalized I have turned the classical perception into the first illustration and to 3D artwork. Currently, I work with 3D as my favorite.”

You can find his creations on Instagram, where he has attracted over 2,800 admirers. Scroll down and take a look at some of his art pieces below.