Get Inspired by Antireality’s Dream-like Architecture

Antireality is a collection of conceptual architectural proposals, often abstract visions of alternative worlds, using brightly colored materials and exquisitely bold forms. If you visit their website or Instagram page, you’ll be awe-struck by delicate and brave experimental work that escapes realism and pragmatism and freely ventures into the world of ideas, visualizing a world of limitless opportunities for architecture.

“The alternative world of Antireality is characterized by the absence of limitations and standards, it is an experimental space that at time borders between dream and reality. Antireality is a diary of my architectural imaginations and non-materialized ideas aiming to stimulate recipient’s imagination,” says the creator of the works.

One of the most popular designs features an innovative concept for a one-story summerhouse divided into two principal parts: a living space, and a rooftop swimming pool. Others include forest pavilions, tropical villas, futuristic restaurants and epic observatories.

“For me, nature is one of the main sources of inspiration. My design ideas are frequently stimulated not only by intriguing forms created by nature, but also by attempts to embed architectural structures into the natural context”, adds Antireality.

We can only hope that some ambitious engineers begin to take note.

Check out their mind-blowing designs below!