These Stencil Dresses Take us on a Trip to Egypt

Image via Muhammed Salah/Facebook

Using the principle of superposition, Egyptian artist Muhammed Salah offers a new way to discover his country through stencils.

Egypt, the “gift of the Nile” of which Herodotus spoke, has kept intact its power of fascination and its extraordinary ability to arouse the imagination. From prehistoric times, the immense, lonely oasis of the river crossing the desert attracted a people who hatched, within a few generations, an extraordinarily advanced and complex civilization.

By mixing drawings and photographs, the project of this designer in an advertising agency centered on the design of different women’s outfits cut in the form of stencils that allow a¬†glimpse to several places emblematic of Egypt.

This fresh and colorful series can be declined for other destinations. You may be able to draw inspiration this summer during your holidays.