Wow! Would You Rock These Beautiful Resin Jewelries?

A combination of art and fashion is always powerful as it allows you to truly express yourself. And this artist is well aware of that, creating unique jewelry with resin.

Instagram user aka Sparkles Nest posts videos of her work processes and they’re mesmerizing.

Resin mold art creation is very interesting to watch. There are some that require the mold to first be colored. That is, the chosen colors are applied to the mold in which you want to pour the resin. By the time the resin gets dry, it would have taken up the color applied to the mold.

Another way of doing this, which is the method used in this particular resin art display, is adding the pigment to the resin while it is in liquid form, as shown by the video.

She creates them as art pieces and they can also serve as pendants for jewelries.