Artist Brilliantly Captures Flying Birds

Who hasn’t wondered as a child how birds can fly? And everyone wants to fly because we associate flying with that feeling of freedom to go whenever we want and do exactly what our hearts desire. And birds do it so effortlessly and graciously. We can’t see the trail that they leave behind them because is gone in a moment. That’s exactly what one artist tried to capture and present in a project called Ornitographies.  

”Ornithographies” is a photographic project that reflects Xavi Bou’s passion for birds. This Catalan artist wanted to capture the beauty of the flight of birds in a single lapse and make the invisible become visible. 

The origin of the idea goes back many years. As a child he was very curious and amazed by birds, thanks to the long walks he took with his grandfather. Since then the photographer’s interest in our feathery friends has been constantly growing, to the point of becoming the central motive of his project. 

Thus, with Ornithographies he aims to catch the moments that go unnoticed and question the limits of human perception. Even though the images are evocative and strange at the same time, they are very intriguing and every photo displays a different story.