Artist Explores the Question of Identity Through Photography

Visual artist and photographer based in Vancouver BC, Canada, Birthe Piontek explores the relationship between memory and identity, with a special interest in the topic of female identity and its representation in society.

“My main interest is in people and identity,” she shared with FotoRoom. “I’m interested in the psychology of people – how do we feel, think and live? How is our identity shaped by our surrounding world? For me as an artist, the question is the visualization of identity and how I can articulate my own observations and thoughts around it.”

Born and raised in Germany, Birthe moved to Canada in 2005 after receiving her MFA from the University of Essen in Communication Design and Photography.

Her work has been exhibited internationally, in both solo and group shows, and is featured in many private and public collections such as the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and the Museum of Applied Arts in Gera, Germany.

“I look at photography the way I also look at any other art forms whether it might be painting, sculpture, or dance – it’s a wonderful way to engage with the world, to see and learn something new and different through the eyes of another person,” she exclaimed. “You get taken by the hand and introduced to something that you might not have known or felt before. You have a chance to discover something new about yourself and about the world and that can be a very enriching and meaningful experience. It can add spice or a bit more color to your life and who wouldn’t want that?”

Who indeed wouldn’t want that? Take a look.

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