British Photographer Creates Photo Collages from Sea Trash

Image by @mandybarkerphotography / Instagram

‘Soup’ is a general description given to plastic flotsam and jetsam that is suspended in the ocean. It’s also a specific reference to the accumulated refuse in a zone of the North Pacific Ocean, known as the ‘garbage patch’. British photographer Mandy Barker has created a series of photo collages called ‘Soup’ which portrays these disposed items and marine plastic debris collected from shorelines around the world.

For each one of those photographies, Barker has shot assorted bits of plastic and other refuse on dark background, arranged with articles of a comparable size. After that, the photographer overlays those pictures, outlining the scale of sea waste, adding depth and clear message to the finished visual: the harmful effect of plastic pollution on the world’s seas, marine life and ultimately humanity itself.

‘EVERY… snowflake is different’ White plastic debris recovered from oceans & beaches around the world. (Snow flurry includes: draught piece, padlock, industrial mask, bread tie, margarine tub, cake decoration pillar, paracetamol packaging, syringe, oil cap, plunger, paintbrush handle, hard hat, dummy, fishing reel, bobbin, pump dispenser, horse’s leg, garden furniture chair leg, tooth pic, propeller, glasses arm, flask lid, fire alarm casing, tie hanger, ceiling rose, ball of tape, football, clothing hook, hot drinks lid, plate, sewing reel, party mask, shard, tile spacer, pen top, aerosol nozzle, hat, toothpaste tube, tops, caps, lids, balloon valve, washing peg, rivet, pipe bracket, knife, fork, spoon, lolly stick, arrow, sucker, handle, milk capsule, straw, egg holder, firework holder, coat hanger, balloon, drinks stirrer, carton, 90º angle, tent peg, medicine tablet lid, toilet deodorising holder, tube, plumbing flange, seal, sweet container, tic tac lid, comb, wheel, link, hoop, wrist band, thread, bottle, nut, football cone, screw, face mask, tray, ring pull, plug, shower rail hook, pan, steering wheel, frisbee, bubble blower, angel wings). #photography #art #marinedebris #plasticwaste #environmentalawareness #beachclean #microplastic

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