Couple Capture Their Adventures in Mesmerizing Photos

Jess Johnston has been traveling the world with her fiancé, Dom, since 2016. The two are, by now, seasoned backpackers, and their travels have taken them around the world and back.

“That moment when you’re asked where you got something, and you answer with the country, not the name of the store – That pretty much sums up my fashion sense these days,” Jess wrote in one of her Instagram posts – and it’s true! She truly is a citizen of the world – and following her account, you can get a glimpse the gorgeous corners of the world she’s managed to get to – from Poland to Thailand, New York to Singapore.

In addition to their world traveling, Jess and Dom are also talented photographers, and together, they manage to bring their trips, in all of their vibrant glory, to their hundreds of thousands of Instagram – and now, to you, too.