Four Amazing Photographers to Follow on Instagram in 2019

The rise of Instagram has had a huge impact on the photography world, providing a platform for many professionals as well as enthusiasts to showcase their captivating work in front of the audience of the world and build their personal recognizable brand. Here’s a list of four instafamous photographers that you simply must know if you’re looking to spice up your feed!

Steve McCurry 

One of the best-known names in photojournalism, Steve McCurry is an immensely talented and devoted photographer that has captured the spirit of many corners of the world. His photographs are celebrated for being vibrant, iconic and evocative.

Paul Zizka

Zikka is an award-winning landscape photographer that has taken Instagram by storm by creating awe-inspiring photos in extreme conditions and spectacular hard-to-reach locations, using unusual angles that match his unique perspective of nature.

Amy Shutt

This professional wildlife photographer’s timeless frames of the planet’s most beautiful creatures embody a spirit of deep respect for the animals she photographs. Her goal with her photography is to educate people about the importance of conserving wild animal species and inspire change in the way we interact with them.

Jorge De La Torriente

2018 “Hasselblad Master” winner Jorge de la Torriente specializes in aerial photography and tropical themes, creating fresh, modern works in pastel colors that celebrate structure and minimalism.

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Rice Fields, #Banaue, #Philippines, 1986.

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