Kyle Weeks’ Portraits of African Men and Women Are Simply Stunning

Kyle Weeks captures stunning photos of African men and women. Originally from Namibia and currently based in Amsterdam, he attended the Stellenbosch Academy (South Africa), where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in photography in 2013. 

Now a highly sought after photographer, he has won multiple awards, and has appeared in exhibitions at MoCADA in NYC, and has been shown at a number of photography fairs, including Unseen Amsterdam, Photo London and 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair. His photographs have also been featured in notable publications such as Wall Street Journal Magazine, Time MagazineThe New York Times, and Dazed and Confused.

Talking about his first memory behind the camera in an interview with i-D Magazine, he said: “photographing my friends skateboarding back in my hometown in Namibia. We used to spend every weekend roaming the streets, often getting up to no good, crashing house parties, and I used to document these experiences on an old Canon Rebel XT that I pawned off one of my friends. Sadly, all of those images have been lost along with the drive they were stored on.”

And explaining about his sources of inspiration, he mentioned: “people and my varied interactions with fellow humans day to day. It could be an observation from a distance, a shared glance, or a moment of conversation with a stranger on a train. I’m constantly reminded by the fact that humanity is a shared experience and that at a base level, we’re all made of the same thing. Knowing that has some sort of profound impact on the way I like to approach making photographs of people.”

Take a look at some of his stunning and intimate portraits.

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