Photographer Sees Something Magical When Looking Up In the Middle of a Forest

Italian photographer Manuelo Bececco began his venture into landscape photography by capturing images of mountains and open fields in a more conventional way. Over the years, his style evolved, as he found himself captivated with the beauty of the forests. Trees are the main subjects of his photos. He uses various angles to highlight their colorful leaves, the textures of their bark and the shapes of their trunks.

“In the middle of the woods, I seem to see everything in my own way – giant trees or branches that form barriers, irises of the eyes,” Bececco told My Modern Met. “These are things that I only see in my mind and that I can sometimes turn into photographs.”

The artist uses nature as his canvas, letting the light and natural color of the surroundings to influence his work, thus creating a magical moment in the quietness of the woods. Forest photography is very personal for Bececco, as each image is inspired by an important time in his life.