Photographers Take Beautiful Dog Portraits

Meet two photographers from Turin, Italy who specialize in pet photography. Back in 2009, their company “Dogs and Us Photography” was started from their personal experience with their dogs. The duo realized how important the dog-owner relationship is and they concentrated on that. They try to grasp what unites the relationship and translate it into lovely photos. Their work needs passion, empathy and lots of patience.

It’s been several years since they started photographing with their four legged friends. They have been able to understand what moods their dogs are able to communicate to them. They have witnessed carousels of joy, fear, exuberance, gratitude, doubt, anger, amazement, patience and resignation.

“Their faces turn into faces with human expressions, which we only need a small dose of sensitivity in order to read, and they become open books. “Says the photographers.

Their work has become popular and loved by many who love dogs.