Sasha Arutyunova’s Portraits Pull At Our Heartstrings

Sasha Arutyunova photography has a cinematic, somewhat romantic, feel to it, making us feel nostalgic for a time and place we never knew. Born in Moscow, raised in Florida, and currently based in New York, Arutyunova takes inspiration from her day-to-day life, with all its glorious struggles.

“I’m interested in idiosyncratic details, collisions of people and objects in space (sometimes literally), intimate moments punctured by some tragic detail,” she shared with Frankie Magazine. “Additionally, my life and those dear to me, my general experience of life and the chaos of living are all subjects that are a part of the work. Photography is definitely a coping mechanism for me, a way for me to understand my experiences by spitting them back out in rectangular form.”

Talking about her unique sense of style, she said that “it takes serious effort to not mend your style to whatever type of work is currently trendy. After seeing a lot of work that looked the same, I started to feel like that this was just the language that was available – that was the work I was supposed to make. That’s when I think it’s helpful to switch to a different medium as a source of inspiration, or just to try to shoot as much as possible to get whatever it is you’re emulating to become more of your own.”

Describing her photography and the way it reflects her as a person, she recounted: “I would say it’s quietly perceptive in the way I hope myself to be, it’s struggling with romanticism and constantly falling in love with everything, it’s both tender and critical. It’s a very honest window into things that have stirred or pulled at my heart.”

You can take a look below.