The Winning Photographs of Ocean Art 2018

Every year, Underwater Photography Guide run a competition called Ocean Art. The 2018 competition saw thousands of submissions, from over 70 countries, submitted by both professional and amateur photographers hoping to win a cut of the $80,000 prize cake.

Just like every other year, the contestants did not disappoint and provided
us with some staggeringly beautiful photos of ocean wildlife and scenery in 16 different categories, from large scale, wide-angle shots to nearly microscopic, macro photography.

At every scale, these photos show us the ocean in its staggering, aweinspiring beauty – and make us wonder how they were taken.

Some of these photos look like the result of pure chance and unimaginable
luck, while others look like they could have been nothing but the product of
long, painstaking hours of lying in wait for the perfect moment to present itself.

We’ve gathered some of what we think are the best photos of the competition here for you. Check them out!