These Baby Otters Will Melt Your Heart

Do you know how adorable otters are? Of course you do, you’ve seen them on TV or maybe at the zoo. But, did you know that there are people who dedicate their entire life to just taking pictures of otters in their natural habitat?

Meet Michael Yang from Michael Yang Photography and his personal website: This young man lives in San Francisco Bay in California and got into photography just so he can take better pictures of the chubby Californian sea otters. He liked them so much that he turned his hobby into a year-long project. The project got quite the positive feedback and it was even featured in many publications in the USA and beyond.

Otherwise, Michael holds BA and MS degrees in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and UC Irvine and has been working in both Apple and Microsoft but this just goes to show you that when it comes to passion a man’s’ gotta do what a man’s’ gotta do. In his spare time, he uses his online platforms like his Instagram page and his website to raise awareness about the harmful effects of toxoplasmosis on the sea otters.  Do you want to see a mommy otter hugging her tinny baby otter? Check out Michael’s Instagram page today!

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It was this big…

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